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Wicked MX Graphics Kit: Fits SX50 50SX 1998 – 2001 High End Org


Motocross Graphics to Fit: KTM SX50 50SX 

FREE CUSTOMISATION’S ( We do not print flo or clear ) 

  • Riders Name On Front Plate
  • Riders Name On Side Plates
  • Riders Race Number on Front Plates
  • Riders Race Number On Side Plates
  • Rides Choice of Number Colours
  • Riders Choice of Background Colours
  • Bike Model and Year
  • Any Aftermarket Plastics you may have


  •    Left and right hand radiator shroud decals
  •    Left and right hand side panel decals
  •    Front number plate decal
  •    Front and rear fender decals
  •    Lower fork guard decals
  •    Swing arm decals ( If Pictured )
  •    Air Box decals ( where applicable )
  •    Race number printed on all three plates
  •    Rider name printed on all three plates
  •    Fitting instructions


  •  USA premium quality, extreme high bonding adhesive
  •  USA premium quality, hard wearing conformable laminate
  •  Super high gloss, vivid rich colours
  •  Subsurface digitally printed
  •  Superior fitment and easy installation due to our unique cut-lines
  •  Race tested and developed for over 25 years at Grand Prix level


9 Mil Laminate – Cost Effective around 250 Microns when paired with the air release print vinyl base for easier application and less bubbles and is for light use it wont take too much abuse before you start to see slight scratches in it. married to the Air release for easier application and less bubbles. NOTE: This Laminate will not take a HEAT GUN nor will it accept chemical spills. This is a very basic kit designed to get your bike sold.

16 Mil Laminate – Intermediate Laminate 320 Micron when paired with the air release vinyl base for easier application and less bubbles for the average user is wear resistant but not competition level. This is thinner therefore moulds easier to the plastics and doesn’t fight the adhesive as much as the thicker 21mil.

21 Mil Laminate – Pro Laminate for use on the MX Track and harsher environments where the bike is going to take some stick. This Laminate is tough. Which means its tough to fit and doesn’t want to conform to corners and curves as well… You need to have a super clean bike and a little heat to get these graphics on your bike. Married to the X1 Ultra Curve Vinyl with Air Release for easier application and less bubbles


  • Most orders ship out within 3-5 business days of your order date. Adding Plastics / Fitment / Seat Covers to your order will increase the time for your order to be shipped.
  • Please allow 1-5 business days for print/cut production after your design approval.


Wicked MX Graphics Kit: Fits  SX50 50SX 1998 – 2001  High End Org


6.0mil Ultra-Aggressive Print Media with Air Release FLO Technology

Ultracurve X1 is a revolutionary print film with Air Release FLO Technology, allowing for bubble-free application of graphics to motocross bikes, ATVs, karts, and other extreme applications. Developed alongside Team Monster Energy Kawasaki in the USA, Ultracurve X1 dramatically reduces installation times and eliminates bubbles. If you aren’t using X1, your competition will be.


Specifically engineered for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side-x-sides, helmets, and other extreme applications requiring exceptional protection, durability, and flexibility.

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 2.5 cm
KTM Models

SX 50



How to Install